Tools for Users

If the application does not support Hjson, the best way would be to ask the developer to include it.

In the meantime, if the application allows JSON configs you can use one of the tools below.


You have three choices:


To use Hjson with an application that does not support Hjson (yet) but has JSON configs:

  1. Convert your existing config to Hjson (do this only once)

    run: hjson CONFIG.json > CONFIG.hjson

    (replace CONFIG with the name of the config file)

  2. Edit your config

    Whenever you make changes in CONFIG.hjson you need to update CONFIG.json.

    run: hjson -j CONFIG.hjson > CONFIG.json

Verify Syntax (lint)

You can always check the syntax of an Hjson file by simply running hjson FILE or by pasting it into the online tool. It will show you the exact location if it contains any errors.

Editor Support

These editors support syntax highlighting for Hjson:

Aceaceuse mode-hjson
IntelliJtextmate-hjsonread me
Notepad++npp-hjsonread me
TextMate compatibletextmate-hjsonread me
Vimvim-hjsonread me
Visual Studio
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