Hjson FAQ

What are good uses for Hjson?

"I'd like to use Hjson everywhere!"

Use it for

  • config files
  • resource files (e.g. a language definition)
  • inspection/debugging (e.g. the watch output)
  • anytime where the primary purpose is for a Human to view or edit
 * Hjson is for Humans,
 * not machines!
 * You should convert Hjson to JSON
 * before you send it to one.

What are bad uses for Hjson?

"Hjson is a bad idea!"

Do not use it for

  • protocols
  • databases

Something like a REST service should never use Hjson. If you are writing a REST debugger you can convert to/from Hjson when the data is viewed by a human.

 * Always use the right tool for the job.

But JavaScript!?

"OMG, you broke JavaScript!"

JSON is not JavaScript, it's a data interchange format that can be used in many languages (50+, see hjson.github.io).

 * Hjson, like JSON, is not limited
 * to JavaScript.

But JSON!?

"OK but OMG, now you broke JSON!"

JSON is a great data format that can be edited by hand but it has a very strict syntax.

A more forgiving format makes it easier for Humans to write, it reduces unnecessary mistakes and is also nicer to read.

 * Hjson does not replace JSON.
 * Use it for configuration files
 * and things like debug dumps.
 * For protocols and anything
 * else use JSON.

But YAML/HOCON/...!?

"OK but still, do we need another YAML/HOCON/etc.?"

A lot of projects use JSON for config. Why don't they use YAML or another config format?

IMHO it's because

  • JSON is easier to explain (compare the JSON and YAML specs)
  • JSON does not suffer from significant whitespace
  • JSON is not bloated (it does not have anchors, substitutions or concatenation).
  • JSON is easier to implement

So there is obviously a need for a better config format.

 * A data format for Humans
 * should be lean and simple.
 * Human !== Developer
 * Human != Developer
 * Human <> Developer
 * Human .NE. Developer
 * Human ne Developer
 * Human /= Developer
 * Human '= Developer
 * Human ~= Developer
 * Human -ne Developer

What does the H in Hjson stand for?

It's H for Human, Human JSON.

Can I minify Hjson?

"Just because!"

Hjson is for Humans so minifying it would kind of defeat its purpose.

 * Er... no!

Round trip

"Can Hjson keep my comments when updating a config file?"

Yes, Hjson allows you to round-trip your data, including your comments.

* But not yet with all implementations, PRs welcome :)

var data = Hjson.rt.parse(text);

// use data like a normal object
data.foo = "text";

// stringify with comments
text = Hjson.rt.stringify(data);

[insert name here] does not yet support Hjson, can I still use it?

"I really need comments in my config!"

If [insert name here] supports at least JSON configs you can.

# convert to Hjson (once)
$ hjson config.json > config.hjson

# edit/document the config
$ nano config.hjson

# then convert back to json
# every time you update config.hjson
$ hjson -j config.hjson > config.json

How do I pronounce Hjson?

What should I call this thing?

You should pronounce it H-json ("aitch-jason").

As for how to pronounce JSON, watch this.

 * h-jason
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